Ernest and Maggie Grmela of the small town of West, Texas are both 100% Czech and very proud of their heritage. They were instrumental in the organization of WestFest thirty-five years ago, the celebration of all things Czech that takes place annually during the Labor Day weekend. As accomplished dancers, the couple formed the Czech Folk Dancers of West whose spirited performances are still a wildly popular feature of Westfest each year.

It was from this experience that the unique brand of costumes that Maggie has become so well known for was developed. Authentic Czech costumes (Krojs) are quite expensive and not easily purchased in the U.S. These costumes are worn for special occasions and style shows. They are not practical for continuous dancing such as the "Czech Folk Dancers" do.

With her extensive experience as both a dancer and a seamtress, Maggie was able to design Czech costumes that represented the look and feel of the original costumes, but were less expensive and more practical for dancing. Each costume is made according to the specifications of each individual. No two costumes are alike unless requested by that person.

These "American Czech" costumes are created at Maggie's Fabric Patch in West, Texas. They are truly beautiful, practical, and affordable!!